Children’s Pastor Opening

Job title: Crossroads Church Children Pastor

Part-Time Position (approxmately10-20 hours per week)

Compensation will be salaried and mutually agreed upon in the range of $1200-$2000 per month based upon availability

This position will include paid time off but no benefits


Who are we?

We are located in the heart of downtown La Habra.  La Habra is metaphorically and literally the city with one foot in Orange County and one in Los Angeles. Many in La Habra live in multi-million dollar homes overlooking Catalina Island and many are in dense apartments struggling with daily needs. Once an almost all-white community, La Habra is now 58% Hispanic and 28% white. The most popular business in La Habra might be the Mexican owned Northgate Market. The right candidate would be one who would embrace the diverse Hispanic culture of our city.


Crossroads Church is a church in the midst of a revitalization process. For over the last decade Crossroads was on a steady decline in church involvement and community impact. The church lacked energy and vision with an aging staff and congregation who openly admitted a sentiment of giving up.


In October of 2018 Crossroads hired Evan Siggson, a late 30’s career youth pastor. During this time Crossroads has experienced a complete church revisioning. The majority of the staff has retired and only a few church members have remained for this new season and vision of ministry. Despite losing 50 (about 90% of the church) church members Crossroads is a worshiping community of approximately 75.  With the majority of Crossroads being “new” this church has the feel of a new church plant. The right candidate would one who can embrace the church plant culture.


We have made tremendous progress in our neighborhood. Our city sees us as a partner. We are known for providing a free diaper and nursing station in the city’s three festivals throughout the year and our quarterly parking lot movie parties. We are present and active in supporting a local elementary school.  We have built bridges with the police department, boys and girls club, high schools, city chamber of commerce, etc. The right candidate would be one who views the city as ministry opportunity and not only the church community.


Our struggles and how you might fit with us

Due to the 15+ years of declining ministry our building was not kept in good condition. We are now renovating a neglected building desperately needing attention, one space at a time. This can be challenging with a small  budget. Do you get excited about dreaming what a horded room of junk could be? The right candidate might have a gifting of creative artistic style on a budget.


Pastoring in a church under a 100 can be discouraging. A typical Sunday before the pandemic would have 5-25 kids. Putting effort into a program which is not experienced by a large group requires a specific temperament. If you are overly discouraged by lower numbers we are not church for you.



  • Be in love with Jesus. This must be your center of everything.
  • Be in love with people. All people. Not just church people who think the same way as you.
  • Have an understanding, passion, and vision of creating environments to serve the spiritual needs of kids and families.

While anyone is open to apply, the ideal candidate might be an upperclassman student. We can envision hiring he/she part-time for the remainder of their undergraduate academic journey and then, if desired by both parties, promoting he/she to full-time upon graduation.



  • Key Leader for Children’s Ministry
    • Organizing content and direction for Sunday experience. Familiarity with Orange curriculum is a plus.
    • Provide vision, leadership, and encouragement to volunteers.
  • Active staff of Crossroads Church
    • Having the vibe of a church plant our staff must model flexibility. When we have events and opportunities we all contribute. While we each have core responsibilities, the phrase “that’s not my department” is not one used here.
  • Report directly to Lead Pastor
    • Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor to report strengths and weaknesses of the ministry, to be held accountable for job responsibilities, to better develop leadership, and to be cared for as a fellow child of God.
    • Attend monthly staff meetings


Typical Work Week:

  • Sunday prep 3-5 hours at your convenience (no office hours)
  • Sunday 3 hours
  • Monthly Staff meeting 90 minutes
  • Weekly pastor check-in 30 minutes
  • Remaining time used to relationally serve church families, church events, or engage with community.



Visit more information about the church.


Send resume to


Nov 16 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm