After prayers and meeting with other pastors it is with great sadness yet conviction that I (Evan) am making the decision to suspend our church gatherings for three weeks. This will include Sundays, movie night, and all small groups. Crossroads may not have evidence of any direct connection with any positive cases of coronaviris or COVID-19, however with the World Health Organization declaring a "pandemic" we must reevaluate the rhythms of our church.
During the next three weeks we will post online sermons, songs, and other opportunities for people and families to experience ongoing spiritual formation. We will be able to communicate through both the text message service, and the website. Our staff can be reached via these avenues, as well.
This is an overwhelming time, and of course I have fears. I fear how this might have long-term consequences on our church. I fear how this might have long-term consequences on our finances. I fear how this might have long term consequences for our staff. However our care for people and our community must be larger than these fears. With the value of caution, if our gathering together against government advice hurt someone I would be devistated. Churches in other regions of the country often close for inclement weather out of concern and abundance of care, so this is more abnormal for us.
In any event, I will continue to work on planning with our staff and maintaining communication with our church.
Specifically we need to be creative in how we can connect people during this time. You are not alone, and we are going to continue to be a resource of prayer and support.
Please join us in praying. Pray for the communities most effected. Pray for wisdom for Crossroads leadership. Continue to pray through Lent, and seeking where Jesus is guiding our church family. May this be a time our church is reminded we are much more than a group who gathers once a week. May this be a short lived precaution, and may it end in joyous celebration of health restored to the sick. I love you church and look forward to serving you in more creative ways during the next three weeks. Evan Siggson