Hebel of a Distant God

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For this series each week we will recommend movie(s) to watch to assist us in focussing on each week's theme. We will include a content link to assist you in deciding if the content of each movie is too graphic for you and/or your family.

Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, 5:1-7, 6:10-12, and 9:1-4.

Signs (Rated PG-13) Content link

  • How does preacher Graham's thoughts on God being distant /close evolve and shift?

Stranger than Fiction (Rated PG-13) Content  link

  • If God is our author, how much freedom do we have? Are we robots?

Truman Show (PG) Content link

  • In what ways are the TV network similar and different from your understanding of God?

For the kids and families  Hercules (Rated PG) Content link 

  • This movie portrays gods being extremely involved with humanity. Do we see the one true God this way?

Listen to Turn Turn Turn by the Byrds video with lyrics



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