Vapor of Wisdom

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For this series each week we will recommend movie(s) to watch to assist us in focussing on each week's theme. We will include a content link to assist you in deciding if the content of each movie is too graphic for you and/or your family.

Week 2: Vapor of Wisdom

Searching for Bobby Fischer (Rated PG) Content link

Patch Adams (Rated PG-13) Content link

Quiz Show (Rated PG-13) Content link

While watching consider how does pursuit of knowledge fail different characters?

Compare and contrast how these songs reflect on education.
Beach Boys advocate for school spirit while Pink Floyd warns us thats students are better off without controlling teachers. Which song better describes your experience?

Beach Boys "Be True to Your School" link

Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the Wall, part two" link

Here is the link for the parent cue to assist the lesson.

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