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For this series each week we will recommend movie(s) to watch to assist us in focussing on each week's theme. We will include a content link to assist you in deciding if the content of each movie is too graphic for you and/or your family.

Read Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

Sister Act (Rated PG-13) Content link

  • How does Deloris re-focus the nuns from rules to life?

The Mission (Rated PG) Content link

  • Horrors have been committed in the name of God. Can a community be healed from religious wounds and reconsider God?

Chocolat (PG-13) Content link

  • How can we be aware when pointless religious rules are robbing us from joys in life?

For the kids and families  Smallfoot (Rated PG) Content link

  • They live according a community rule written on stones, kept and interpreted by their spiritual leader, the Stonekeeper (voiced by Common), who literally wears the law/stones in a papal-type vestment. The yetis don’t question the authority or logic of the stones. When someone does ask a question, the Stonekeeper (who feels like a mix of Moses and the pope) repeats the community’s mantra to just “push the questions down.” How do we teach our kids rules/boundaries, but not in a way which limits their cognitive development?

Listen to I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  by U2 video with lyrics link

  • Picture Qoheleth singing this. Is Ecclesiastes and this song an anthem for doubt or Spiritual Enlightenment?


Parents and kids

Link for Bible story lesson

Parent Cue for discussion

Craft located below in sermon notes

Bible stories for the week located below in bulletin





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