Hebel of Aging

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For this series each week we will recommend movie(s) to watch to assist us in focussing on each week's theme. We will include a content link to assist you in deciding if the content of each movie is too graphic for you and/or your family.

Read Ecclesiastes 5:15-17, 9:2-4, 11:7-10, and 12:2-7.

The Age of Adaline (Rated PG-13) Content link

Amour (Rated PG-13) Content  link

Boyhood (Rated R) Content link

Twilight Zone (original b&w) Season 3 Episode 16 "Nothing in the Dark" (on netflix)

For the kids and families  UP (Rated PG) Content link

Listen to Stop This Train by John Mayer video link


View Bible story video link
View parent cue link
Read Bible story below under sermon notes
Download activities for the week under bulletin


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