When Life Feels Meaningless

Sunday, April 19, 2020

10:45 Zoom Meeting ID: 255 794 011
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For this series each week we will recommend movie(s) to watch to assist us in focussing on each week's theme. We will include a content link to assist you in deciding if the content of each movie is too graphic for you and/or your family. Use the notes download link to see discussion questions for each movie. Some questions might contain movie spoilers so you might want to read them after viewing the film.

Week 1: Why does life feel meaningless?

Little Miss Sunshine (Rated R) Content link

The Big Year (Rated PG) Content link

WALL-E (Rated G) Content link

Listen to the song The Wanderer by U2 and Johnny Cash song link


Here is the link for the parent cue to assist the lesson.

Kids' lesson is attached below labeled bulletin.

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